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Air International October 1981 Vol 21 No 4

Air International October 1981 Vol 21 No 4

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MORE FIGHT FOR THE FIGHTING FALCON - With nearly 500 aircraft off the assembly lines in the USA, Belgium and the Netherlands, and total orders approaching 2,000, the General Dynamics F-16 is one of the most important of current combat aircraft. Alwyn T Lloyd reviews the programme to date. DIVERSE BUT UNIFIED - Canada is unique among the major powers in having an integrated air force, army and navy. Some aspects of the controversial unification are discussed in this first-hand account of air power in Western Canada, by Karl E Hayesand Eamon C Power. HORNISSE: THE LAST ZERSTORER - The first in a two-part "Warbirds" feature describing the Messerschmitt Me 210/Me 410 family, with an account of the design's origins and a cutaway of the Me 410. SPYING THE EARTH - NASA has recently added to its fleet the unique Lockheed ER-2, first of a new production batch of variants of the remarkable very high altitude U-2 reconnaissance aircraft. Rene J Prancillon describes the advent of the ER-2. AIRSCENE - The monthly round-up of news and background to the news, presented under section headings for Military Affairs, Aircraft and Industry, Civil Affairs and new Civil and Military Aircraft Contracts. THE PROBLEM OF COMMUNICATING IN AN APPLES-AND-ORANGES WORLD - Another "Personal View", by Roy Braybrook. MODEL ENTHUSIAST - Modelling comments, the latest kits reviewed and two pages of colour profiles of the Vickers Wellington. FIGHTER A TO Z - Continuing the AIR INTERNATIONAL encyclopaedia of the world's fighter aircraft, from the Halberstadt C1 IV to Hannover C1 II. IN PRINT - New aviation literature noted. FRONT COVER - A General Dynamics F-16A Fighting Falcon displays its distinctive planform during a test flight preceding delivery to the USAF.

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