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Air International October 1974 VOL 7 No 4

Air International October 1974 VOL 7 No 4

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LOCKHEED'S LONE RANGER - Claimed, with good cause, to be the most advanced aircraft in service in the Western world, the Lockheed SR-71 gained new honours last month with a record crossing of the Atlantic in preparation for its appearance at Farnborough International74. David Anderton describes the unique programme that produced the SR-71 and its forerunner, the YF-12.

ALPHA JET—A FRANCO-GERMAN SOLUTION - The Dassault-Breguet/Dornier Alpha Jet is now well into its flight test programme and was another of the aircraft on display at Farnborough last month. The origins and status of this dual-role trainer and close support aircraft are presented here.

AIRLINE OF THE CEDAR TREE - Third in the "Airline in Outline" series describes Middle East Airlines, a company that has survived more than its fair share of difficulties and continues to expand whilst recording healthy profit figures.

THE MOWER—FOKKER'S FINAL FIGHTER - The name Fokker, still internationally respected, was at one time almost synonymous with combat aircraft in general and fighters in particular. The last of the Fokker fighters, the G I, is the subject of a two-part story in our "Warbirds" series, the first part appearing in this issue. 

FLYING THE "EYE" - Captain Eric Brown, continuing his popular "Viewed from the Cockpit" series, describes the characteristics of the Focke-Wulf Fw 189; an "eye in the sky" that also served as a useful night fighter later in its operational career. 

AIRSCENE - The monthly round-up of news and background to the news presented under section headings for Military Affairs, Civil Affairs, Aircraft and Industry and new Civil and Military Aircraft Contracts.

PLANE FACTS - Answers to readers' enquiries from the AIR international files: Douglas B-7, Mikoyan Ye-2A and Ju 52/3mge.

MODEL ENTHUSIAST - Modelling comments, the latest kits reviewed and a page of colour profiles of the Macchi C.200.

TALKBACK - Readers of AIR international offer comments of general interest.

FIGHTER A TO Z - Continuing the AIR international encyclopcedia of the world's fighter aircraft, from the Breguet 17 to Brewster 239.

IN PRINT - New aviation literature noted. 

AIR DATA FILE - Technical data, photographs and general arrangement drawings for the Bellanca Model 8 Scout and Convair Model 200.

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